Tsuka's painted pixelarts.

Tsuka's HabboHotel View 2 [2008/02/13]


カジノ [2008/02/13]

あとカジノテーブル(?)はルーレットと組み合わせて使えるようにくぼませてあります・・・ 使用例は以下

プラント [2008/02/13]


Dotpaint BMW Z4 [2007/12/25]

"Z4" was written with dotpaint though it was irrelevant to Habbo...
The wheel is suitable.... It considerably absorbed it in reflected colors of the light and the body.
Occasionally, drawing becomes a rest so, too.

Tsuka's HabboHotel View [2007/12/24]

I tried a Original Hotel View.
I'm still working on it. But, I think it looks like fine.
I tried to put a Mark of Tsuka's AUTO somewere, this... I would like to put some stuff of tuning shop or something.
I make a electric bulletin board for Japanease style. But, I cant make a saize for CCT...;;
Finally, CCT version will chang a electric bulletin board to windows, soory...

HONDA NSX [2007/12/24]

It's so hard, to making texture so much...
I drew MSX for dot picture long times ago, but now I see it, so bad looking to me. then I 'm remaking of NSX.
I just put a old dot picture of NSX in cace...Ah it so unworthy!X-p

Nissan GT-R 35 [2007/12/20]

It's been a long time for dot picture of Japanease sport car. I don't like a design of front.
I tried so hard on it, but I think handle and taillight are weird, so...fixing later.

Lamborghini Murcielago [2007/12/20]

The Lamborghini Murcielago. compare a R35 and this then different touch with shadow color, like a wheel and something blablabla...
I printed a CCT design with some people. CCT version does door open when you double click.

Trax-TV [2007/12/19]

It's just for idea so i'm not make a CCT yet. I don't have skill for making Trax CCT image.
I would like to have skill fo flash for some music visualaider or something XD

GameCube・PS2・PSP [2007/12/15]


Now, hera are show you my old dot pictures. it's must be made Augst or September for last one.
It is not good enough to me then I'll remake again for some day.

Now you see. S15 and s2000 are most damn one!! What I'm thinking!?

for a request [2007/08]

A Pink Color. Some girl request me.

This is I presented for my greatest brother BlackRat in Habbo
A design by BlackRat's request and he gave me a information.

Ticket gate of station [2007/07]

A ticket gate of station. At Habbo Hotel, you can open and close a gate

Playboy Poster [2007/08]

Someone requet me from Ragazone.

Server・DesktopPC・LaptopPC [2007/08]

Sarver Machine plus UPS, Desktop PC, Laptop and
VAIO is requested by Habbo Brother BalckRat.

GarageShutter [2006/08]

Just like some poster. You can open and close by double click

More Older [2006〜]
I forget about when I made it. All for crap things

It's doesn't have any rekation with Habbo.

...!! It is kind like "That" but just in

The Statue of Liberty...

Mini size of HabboHotel

Logo of World cup 2006
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